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BYBOA Productions - Past Projects
Our Projects                                                                                            Projects with other production companies
Salsa With an Attitude - Dance Showcase​                                             Halloween H35 - Sequel to H30 
Davenport, FL                                                                                        Morgan Films Entertainment - Orlando, FL

Joseph Romeu 80th Birthday Bash                                                        Tommy Robbers - Comedy short
Deland, FL                                                                                              Hoofta Productions - Orlando, FL

Denim and Diamonds Cattle Baron's Ball                                              Halloween H30 - Fan Film
American Cancer Society - Daytona Beach, FL                                     Morgan Films Entertainment - Orlando, FL

Relay for Life - American Cancer Society                                             Alone - Psychological Thriller
Deland, FL                                                                                              Drop-D Productions - Cocoa Beach, FL

Ba-Ter Chocolates - Internet commercial                                               Dollar and A Dream - Country Music Video
Gold Vein Virginia                                                                                  Shotgun Entertainment - Orlando, FL

Fredericksburg Realty - Industrial Film                                                  Palmetto The TV Series - Internet bases drama
Fredericksburg, VA                                                                                 Morgan Films Entertainment - Orlando, FL

David R. Sillaman Jr Financial Consultant - Infomercial                       They Spelled Wednesday Wrong - Drama
Fredericksburg, VA                                                                                 iNterlude Films - Orlando, FL

Rhythm House - Instructional Dance Video                                            Ninjas Vs. Pirates - Comedy Spoof
Michael Kendrick Instructor - Orlando, FL                                             Hoofta Productions/iNterlude Films - Orlando, FL

Salsa Heat - 10th Anniversary Celebration                                              Demo In A Day - Reality TV Show Pilot
Orlando, FL                                                                                              Hoofta Productions - Orlando,FL

Freeman - Silk screen machine - Industrial                                              6 out of 7 - Drama
Freeman Decorating - Orlando, FL                                                          Hoofta Productions- Orlando, FL

Portrait of A Deep Sea Diver - Legacy Interview                                    The Viewing - Drama
Frenchie Collins  Orlando, FL                                                                  Heart Fire Productions - Orlando, FL

Jerry Ihnat  This is Your Life  - Legacy Interview                                   Hurdles - Drama
Orlando, FL                                                                                              Arnali Films - Orlando,FL 

Village Players 2007 Awards Ceremony - Live Event                              
James McCabe Theater - Valrico, FL                                                        

Village Players  - 2009 production of  "Gypsy"                                            
James McCabe Theater - Valrico, FL                                                        

The Boys in The Woods - May 2010 Benefit Concert
Winter Garden Theater - Winter Garden, FL